Thursday, 31 May 2007

Google, Ken Burns and Fractal Cognitive Engagement

This little movie caught my attention because of the juxtaposition of Google and Ken Burns. For those who havent seen them, Ken Burns made my favourite documentary series about The West and the American Civil War. As anyone who has been to any of my presentations knows, I am a Western freak and cowboys have a habit of sneaking into all my Powerpoints! So what is all this movie about?
When users search Google and type in the words they are likely to be doing more cognitive activity than we librarians thought. The Central Jersey Academic Reference Librarians (who made the movie) reckon that users are in fact using the zooming in and out of photo effect of Ken Burns. Therefore we should take this into account in design of web pages. Perhaps something like Quintura would go down well with many students? Give the movie a chance : it's an interesting prompt for discussion.

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