Thursday, 20 September 2007

Library Learning 2.0

I came across Library Learning 2.0 today. It is an interesting re-working of the famous Helen Blowers "Learning 2.0" programme. Facilitated by Carlene Walter it was intended for teacher-librarians of the Prairie Spirit School Division in Saskatchewan, Canada.
"Library Learning 2.0 is an online learning program that fosters the expansion of one's information literacy toolbox. Participants will explore, experiment with, and discover creative ways to implement into teaching practice Web 2.0 tools - emerging technologies that that are freely available on the Internet and are changing the way students, librarians, and educators access information and communicate. "The program is self-directed.

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Carlene Walter said...


Thank you for refering to my Library Learning 2.0! I enjoyed facilitating the course. Currently, I am cofacilitating another online PD oppportunity entitled Meet The Stars: