Thursday, 12 July 2007

Scholarly vs popular periodicals

Amazingly after the last post I have found, thanks to Lauren's library blog, a little 3 minute slide show with voice over on YouTube from Peabody Library, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, which may have pedagogical value! Its about the difference between scholarly and popular journal literature. See what you think.
Then you can consider a video from the same source about Finding articles on PsycInfo...........

The Adventures of Super Librarian

I can't resist introducing you to Super Librarian, just in case you haven't already met her. Its a 35 second promo video from McCracken County Public Library, Kentucky. This brings me to an interesting point.
We can sometimes be guilty of mistaking promotion for pedagogy when considering YouTube materials. Most of the library ones that I've seen have been more about promotion and orientation, rather than teaching or facilitating student learning. Maybe there are some new offerings out there being created with superb pedagogical credentials? Anyway Super Librarian isnt one of them!

Web 2.0 stuff recommendations

This is a recommended list of Web 2.0 tools from a history and ICT teacher in Doncaster, Doug Belshaw. Some will be familiar, others perhaps not. It's a great list worth exploring.

Social Networking in the USA

Came across this interesting chart from Forrester Research (in Business Week 11 June 2007) which gives participation of US online users for creators, critics, collectors and joiners of social networking sites. If I was in the States I would be an Older Boomer! Its a very useful visual summary.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Cult of the amateur : how today's internet is killing our culture

Here's a book I must read, which has caused a good deal of controversy. Author Andrew Keen admits that its a polemic - not a fair book, but it does make some serious points about the cult of Web 2.0. Here's a Google author interview for anyone with lots of time. Here's a snapshot entry about Keen in Wikipedia. Finally some discussion from BBC Newsnight.
Anyone read the book?

Social Networking in Plain English

Here's another in this YouTube series - very short this time. Very elementary : hope it plays for you : it wouldn't work yesterday when I tried it to introduce the subject to the Education Librarians' Group!

Back from the Conferences etc.

The last few weeks have been hectic and the blogosphere has been filled with Conference reports. Web 2.0 is certainly still flavour of the month! My presentations at the Business Librarians' Conference in Northampton and at Under One Umbrella certainly showed there's plenty of enthusiasm for embracing the new technologies.
Across the water at the ALA Conference on 25 June in Washington George Needham ruffled a few librarian feathers when he likened the academic library to a church with the altar of the reference desk! This must have been some presentation and this summary is well worth reading.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Wikis in Plain English

There's a useful little movie on You Tube called Wikis in Plain English which may be useful to explain the concept to newcomers or non-believers!