Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Move on to Information Literacy meets Library 2.0 !

Thank you for reading this blog. Please move on and subscribe to my new blog Information Literacy meets Library 2.0 !
Bigger and better than this one, it will supplement my book "Information Literacy meets Library 2.0" (published by Facet) which Jo Parker (Open University) and I have just edited.
It was a brave and foolhardy thing to write a book on Web 2.0 (ugh) and we're going to use the new blog for the editors and contributors to update it and give you opportunities for comment.

The blurb about the book says

"This edited collection from an international team of experts provides a practically-based overview of emerging Library 2.0 tools and technologies for information literacy practitioners; addresses the impact of the adoption of these technologies on information literacy teaching; provides case study exemplars for practitioners to help inform their practice; and examines the implications of Library 2.0 for the training of information literacy professionals."

That's the last post on this blog!

Information Literacy meets Library 2.0